By Daniel Hunter

Like Minds have announced that Robert Bean, The Robert Bean Branding Co, will be the next speaker at their Business Breakfast Club series.

Robert will speak at the monthly breakfast, held at the Radio restaurant at the brand new ME London Hotel on the Strand, on Tuesday April 23rd.

Robert started his career as a fresh-faced 18 year old Production Assistant in 1978. Since then he has worked in a number of London’s leading advertising agencies, including DDB, Lowe Howard-Spink, and WCRS, where he ran the BMW account.

He then jumped the fence and became the Worldwide Head of Advertising at BT, where he produced the ‘It’s Good to Talk’ and Stephen Hawking campaigns.

But it was his love of the anatomy of brands and branding that made him go out on his own, so since then he has worked for himself, in the shape of BeanMC, BANC and, most recently, The Robert Bean Branding Co.

In 2009 he published his first book ‘Winning in Your Own Way; the nine and a half golden rules of branding.’ and in 2007 he became a magistrate at London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court. So behave yourselves during the Q&A!

In a 35 year career he says his proudest moments are those when clients have offered testimonials:

‘We use the work he created for us as the business driver that determines the future of the Honda brand.’

Ken Keir, Managing Director, Honda UK; VP, Honda Europe

‘Robert Bean is a difficult man. I have never had so many heated debates with anyone in my career. He always tells the truth and this is highly irritating. What really pains me is the man is almost always right. If you want to improve your business, hire him. If you want an easy commercial life and want to continue in happy denial, don’t.”

Simon Thompson, Group Managing Director, Group.

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