By Thomas Eason

The 2-year-old start-up company from Nantes is now tackling Mobile commerce by allowing e-retailers to automatically create their M-commerce boutiques!

As a reminder, Lengow offers an entirely online SaaS Solution, enabling Web retailers to:

- Centralize the management of their product catalogues on 650 channels (comparison shopping sites, marketplaces, social networks, etc.)

- Optimize their visibility from a unified interface

- Increase their return on investment by quickly viewing the profitability of their products on each channel.

With more than 40 million mobile phones in use in the UK today, one in two people are equipped with the Mobile Web and nearly 4 million people ( a quarter of those owning Smartphones) have already made a purchase via their mobile phone. Online retailers must clearly take advantage of this new M-commerce channel for the distribution of their products.

Wanting to help merchants conquer this new era in e-commerce and realizing how complicated it can be to adapt an online store to different telephone formats, Lengow has launched its quick and easy M-commerce store creation directly from a merchants product catalogue!

Lengow adapts and transforms the e-retailer’s product catalogue to create a real extension of their online store tailored to each Tablet & Mobile phone. The creation of the M-commerce store in Lengow takes only a few minutes and is available via a distinct URL in the following format: (an example for the French store

In addition to this, Lengow adapts the categories and products to the different Mobile Web standards on the market and to all mobile brands (Apple, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, etc.).

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