Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

It's Nick James from Fresh Business Thinking, talking to Brian Chernett, the Founder and Chief Executive of the Academy for Chief Executives. Brian, can you tell me what your thoughts are on leadership, and whether leadership is changing - or has changed - in the last twelve months?

Brian Chernett, Academy for Chief Executives

I actually have very strong views, and my views come out in the organisation which I run. Two main issues- one is around every Chief Executive, or every managing director, or entrepreneur, needs to have the ability to mentor. You can have every vision you would like, every goal you would like, but if you can't bring your people along through mentoring, you will never achieve it.

Secondly, and one that really changed on September 11th, now people - particularly younger people - are questioning the reason for going to work. There have been many surveys done where it is not just for money. They are going to work because they need to create an environment, and the Chief Executive needs to understand that that environment needs to have a soul, needs to have a heart... to the point of them actually loving their people. Even if they have to fire them, they need to demonstrate their care and love. And this is something which we need to teach, so people do understand that.