By Adrian Swinscoe, Director, RARE Business

I’m a great believer in openness, transparency and honesty with the people that I know and trust. I, also, believe that in being that way builds trust, understanding and intimacy. However, one added benefit that I have found is that it also builds a whole army of potential helpers when you get other people involved in your life, who are more than happy to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

This can be a great leadership strategy when running a business or just managing a team. Involving your team, colleagues and peers in how things are going, what you think needs to happen, asking for suggestions/new ideas and where you could use some help can produce some fantastic improvements in results, engagement, motivation and productivity.

Some entrepreneurs and business executives find this leadership style difficult for all sorts of reasons including:

- Time

- Pride

- Politics

- Ego

If one of those reasons, or any other, is stopping you from involving and engaging the people in your business and asking for their help then you are potentially missing out on a huge opportunity. One of my clients developed a more-open book approach to their business and saw that, in a tough operating environment, their business “saw a sales increase of 48% in the first half of our financial year with a more unified and focused team.” They learnt that by adopting a more open book style of leadership and management that they could engage their team more, more directly influence their behaviour, encourage them to take ownership of business issues and thus drive growth.

How could you be more open with the people around you in your business?

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