By Daniel Hunter

A Lancashire foundry with a history stretching back over a century has gone eco in order to slash its energy costs.

Lupton & Place, a family business based in Burnley, will see its electricity bill cut by almost £8000 a year as a result of installing energy efficient lighting.

The installation, which will see the company’s lighting usage reduced by 85,000kWh units and CO2 emissions cut by 46.3 tons annually, was carried out by leading renewable energy and energy efficiency firm Eco Environments.

It means that the payback time for the £20,000 project is just two and a half years. In addition, the scheme is eligible for the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances with 100 per cent of the project cost being written off in the first year ensuring an even better payback.

John Bardgett, Foundry Manager at Lupton & Place, said: “We chose to invest in energy efficient lighting across the foundry as it had a quick payback and limited interruption to our business during installation.

“Most work was completed over a weekend and we are now not only more energy efficient but have a far better lit and improved working environment.”

David Hunt, Sales and Marketing Director for Eco Environments, said: “We are seeing huge demand from businesses, particularly those with high lighting usage, for energy efficient lighting installations.

“The return on investment for such schemes is eye-watering and there are further incentives with funding available from the Carbon Trust as well as the Enhanced Capital Allowances which Lupton & Place was able to take advantage of.”

David Hunt added: “We are finding that an increasing number of commercial customers are keen to talk to us not about one type of technology but about ways in which they can maximise their energy savings by installing different types of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.”

Rapidly growing Eco Environments increased its turnover dramatically to £6.4million in the last financial year — compared to £1.3million the previous year.

The company, which has its head office in Liverpool and regional offices in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Carlisle and St Asaph, has also seen its headcount increase from 12 to 50 during the past 12 months.

Lupton & Place has been at the forefront of the European die-casting industry for more than 100 years and employs 150 people. Capable of producing over 2 million castings a year the company services a diverse range of clients across Europe.

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