By Maximilian Clarke

Businesses’ resistance to flexible working practices is driving mothers out of work, resulting in a rapid rise in women launching businesses whilst looking after their children.

One online business marketplace alone has reported a 110 percent rise in entrepreneurial mothers over the past 12 months. And many of the women surveyed by reportedly started their own business because they felt children are not valued enough in the work place, fear prejudice and stigma for having children.

“Many companies still don’t do enough to recognise the needs of working mums,” said business woman and mumpreneur Jackie Allen from Twickenham who signed up to

“When I managed a big team my best worker was a mum of triplets - but after having her children she just couldn't do a big full time role any more - so we got her amazing skills and dedication in return for being flexible around school hours and holidays. Lots of my colleagues couldn't get it at all — they had failed to see the benefit of having her skills to make their business more successful - it just takes a more open mind and flexible attitude to managing people!” 

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