By Daniel Hunter

Kim Dotcom, the man still facing possible extradition charges, has announced plans for Mega, a service to replace his shut down file-sharing website Megaupload.

It will be decided in March whether Mr Dotcom should be extradited from New Zealand to the US to face charges relating to copyright theft.

However, that has not stopped him from developing Mega, which is expected to use encryption methods which will mean only users will know what they are uploading.

The 38-year-old said he would launch Mega on 20 January 2013 - a year to the day since his arrest.

"The new Mega will not be threatened by US prosecutors," he said.

"The new Mega avoids any dealings with US hosters, US domains and US backbone providers and has changed the way it operates to avoid another takedown."

On announcing the new site on Twitter, Mr Dotcom said the holding page - hosted at - was already getting "millions" of hits.

"All FBI agents pressing reload hahaha... We see their IP addresses. LOL!!!"

"The new Mega encrypts and decrypts your data transparently in your browser, on the fly. You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not us."

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