By Daniel Hunter

Yum Brands, the owner of fast food restaurant chains like KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza, has reported losses of $86m (£57m) after slow sales in China.

It compares with a $321m profit in the same three months to the end of December period in 2013.

It follows an 16% fall in like-for-like sales in China, the biggest drop for 18 months. Yum was hit by allegations that one of its suppliers used out-of-date meat - allegations that it would appear have had a visible impact on its business.

Yum chief executive Greg Creed said he's confident sales in China will recover.

He said: "Overall results in 2014 were disappointing as the Chinese supplier incident in July offset our strong first half of the year.

"Our top priority is to recover sales in China and capture the significant profit leverage we have in this business. While the sales recovery in China continues to be slower than expected, we anticipate a strong second half of 2015 as the turnaround gains momentum, led by menu innovation across the year."

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