By Maximilian Clarke

Almost as many business leaders want to prioritise staff welfare as are concerned about reducing risk in the business, a new survey suggests.

According to the statistics, almost a quarter of bosses consider ‘keeping employees happy’ one of their top three priorities, only slightly fewer than the 29% who were concerned with ‘reducing risk’.

The research asked managing directors and CEOs of small and medium sized businesses to indicate their top three current business priorities.

The two most popular priorities were generating new business and retaining existing business.

Peter Gradwell, who started up his tech business in his university bedroom shortly after the recession of the 1990s, commissioned the research.

“I am not surprised to see how many company directors and managers are seeking to ensure their staff are challenged and satisfied with their workload," commented Gradwell. "Although keeping and retaining business are the top priorities, having enthusiastic, committed staff is the key to achieving these two goals. Having a disenfranchised team of people working for you is no way to encourage long term relationships with clients.”

“I was interested to see how many of my customers and partners were ‘keeping their heads down’ and trying to survive on retaining existing business and how many were pushing forwards with new business drives, prioritising staff wellbeing and improving their offering to existing customers. It was encouraging to see 80 per cent working to generate new business and less than a third cutting down risk, no doubt by scaling down operations and continuing to make cuts,” concluded Gradwell.

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