By Andrew Hall, OKI Systems UK

In our previous newsletter we looked at the rise of the smart multifunction printer (MFP) and how these devices are helping small businesses print and manage documents in a far more efficient and sophisticated way.

However, what about the start-up or other small business that doesn’t need to print A3 size – but wants similar functionality and quality in an A4 printer for an affordable price?

Hard-pressed small businesses are increasingly looking for A4 MFP devices that maximise productivity and that deliver professional quality colour. They are looking for tools that drive efficiencies throughout the workplace and that are durable and easy to use but, perhaps most important of all, versatile. Today, they often seek out the latest 4-in-1 devices offering print, scan, copy and fax combined in one small footprint helping to save office space as well as streamline workflow.

Quality is also key. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking for an edge over the competition and quality is often that differentiator. They need scanning for example that is sharp, fast and accurate and that enables business users to digitise documents clearly and easily and scan documents directly to a network or to anyone with an email address.

The latest breed of compact A4 MFPs incorporate high-definition colour print quality that enables SMBs to start printing marketing collateral, stationery and other documents in house rather than outsource the work.

Not only does this save money, it also means that documents need only be printed as required, eliminating storage demands and the costs of bulk buying and minimum print runs. It also has an impact on creativity too – short runs can be tweaked to get the best possible results and personalised where appropriate.

Savings also come from exceptional energy efficiencies, high capacity toner cartridges and functions such as duplex printing which mean less paper is used.

Fast-growing start-ups and SMBs are always on the look-out for business tools and devices that fuel sustained growth and enhanced efficiency for them over time, and yet are at the same time compact easy to use, robust and resilient.