By Chris Smith

Business owners who hire bad employees typically make one of three huge mistakes, according to a leading recruitment expert.

Chris Smith, founder of yourpeoplemarket.com, has over 15 years of experience in recruitment and believes that making just one of three mistakes can cost businesses time and money.

The mistakes made are based around failure to act quickly, not highlighting a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and hiring candidates that are not suited to the position they have applied for.

He said: “Businesses can be in a sticky situation if they do not avoid three mistakes typically made by a number of employers.

“Some employers can be driven by a candidate’s appearance, manner and personality which can cause some people to overlook serious faults.

“Another potential mistake is hiring a candidate who is potentially over-qualified which can cause them to be bored and disinterested. This can leave you with employees who hate being at work.”

There are three key mistakes that highlight the problem of employing the wrong candidate:

1.Failure to act quickly: Many employers leave recruitment until the last minute and can miss out key aspects of the role they require someone to fill. This can lead to problems for the business and employee.

2.First impressions of a candidate: Employers may be blown away by a particular candidate because of the way they come across in an interview. The candidate may have a strong character and personality which can cover up their limitations and serious faults, causing problems when completing different tasks within their job description.

3.Hiring an over-qualified candidate: Recruiting a candidate that is overly qualified for the position they are taking can cause the candidate to become bored and unhappy quickly. Many employers raise their expectations of certain positions when a highly qualified candidate begins.

Yourpeoplemarket.com offers a completely risk free service in between the employer and the recruitment agencies.

Employers only pay the fee once their position has been filled and there is a completely hassle free rebate should the candidate not work out.

In order to find a trustworthy recruitment agency, yourpeoplemarket.com uses a YouRate system where employers score recruitment agencies they have worked with, preventing the chance of hiring a poor recruitment agency.