SMEs are at risk of their employees becoming dissatisfied with their jobs after only one year unless they treat their workers fairly, a study has found.Research carried out by Sirota Survey Intelligence found that satisfaction levels fell from 70 per cent for workers with less than one year’s experience, to only 53 per cent for people who had worked at the company for between two and five years.Equally, the survey found that the age of employees had no influence on how long it took them to become dissatisfied with their job if conditions were not right. Previously, experts had believed that younger employees became dissatisfied more quickly than older workers. However, the research in fact showed that satisfaction levels fell by one per cent more for people aged over 55 than for employees aged between 25 and 34.Only 14 per cent of the companies surveyed had enthusiastic workforces, in which over 75 per cent of the workers said that they were satisfied.The president of Sirota Survey Intelligence, Douglas Klein, explained that age had little impact on the downturn in satisfaction, saying: "Company culture - or how management treats employees, and management’s attitudes and behaviour toward workers - determines how much of a downturn in enthusiasm there will be." Instead he claimed that the way companies treated their workers significantly affected how they felt about their job."Many companies treat employees as disposable as paper clips. For example, at the first sign of business difficulty, workers become expendable," he concluded.© Adfero Ltd