By Daniel Hunter

One of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers,, has teamed up with Olympic gold meadalist James Cracknell and Michelin starred chef Jason Atheron to launch a 'Dadpreneur Movement' to help shine a light on the issues and challenges facing the modern working father.

Working fathers themselves, Cracknell and Atherton will form part of a panel aimed at getting dads to get their creative juices flowing in order to achieve success whilst also maintaining a healthier work-life balance and making sure they have one-to-one bonding time with their children at the same time.

James Cracknell, said: “The nation’s fathers are in real danger of missing out on building those special memory moments. Balancing a busy career with a family can put strains on time and relationships at home and as such fathers in the UK missing out on important stages in their children’s lives due to working pressures. As a father, I appreciate how challenging it can be to ensure you have quality time with your kids especially when with varied working hours often mean pitching up at home post bedtime.

“The ‘Dadpreneur Movement’ is a honest platform which will underline the problems that fathers face with work and family expectations weighing heavily on their everyday lives and how they cope with these challenges.”

The Dadpreneur Movement is the brainchild of Founder and President, Holly Tucker.

Holly said: “We are keen to champion fathers and the importance of the role that they play at home. Dads are often forgotten and whilst the issue of mums struggling to ‘have it all’ is well known we felt that the issue of dads and their work life balance had been neglected. Through our ‘Dadpreneur Movement’ we want to encourage dads to launch their own flexible, creative business and tap into their passions and hobbies as an alternative to the 9 to 5.”

Recent research has revealed, and only highlights the importance of father and child alone time, that a number of dads feel that if they had more time they would help teach their children to ride a bike, invent science experiments and teach them self-defence techniques, whilst over a fifth would enjoy improving on their kids’ football skills.

Psychotherapist, Phil Hodson will also be on the panel of working dads, he said: “Numerous studies have shown the benefits of play for children. A dad spending time with his children and participating in creative play is invaluable to a child’s development - not only does it have huge emotional benefits, it can help with cognitive development, social development and physical development.”

The survey of over 1000 UK dads of children aged 16 and under, revealed that six out of every ten dads are only spending quality time with their children at the weekends, with ‘long working hours’ and being ‘too knackered’ averting them from valuable family time. A further 62% of dads have missed a parents’ evening and over half have missed out on big milestones in their children’s lives such as first steps, first words and even school awards ceremonies.

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