By Max Clarke

BBC Dragon’s Den star James Caan’s recruitment company Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital has been named as the fastest growing recruitment company worldwide, in The Top 50 Global Report published by leading trade title Recruitment International.

Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital, with a turnover of £323,000,000, sits at Number 47 in the global league table, the fastest growth of any company in the sector, having been established just four years ago.

Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital is made up of 17 Global offices, 435 employees and 5,100 contractors.

Despite difficult market conditions and the credit crisis the business has performed extremely well. It is the one sector Mr Caan knows so well.

“Identifying key growth sectors in the global employment market has ensured Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital sees rapid growth in what has been overall a relatively stagnant market,” says James Caan. “We are proud that in just four years we have climbed into the Top 50 companies worldwide in terms of turnover”.

Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital operates within professional services, the healthcare sector and supply chain management.

The turnover breakdown of Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital investments is broken up into, DRC Locums Ltd. - £44m, Eden Brown £78m, Matrix SCM £78m, Resourcing Group £16m and Caritas/Lehman Ambrose/Sagitta £10m.

James Caan’s first recruitment firm Alexander Mann, established in 1985, took 14 years to grow before he sold a minority stake in 1999 for £25m, with the firm turning over £130m and operating across Australia, Africa, Nigeria, Europe and Asia. In 1989 Caan co-founded Humana International, an executive headhunting firm, eventually growing the business to over 147 offices in 30 countries.

The Chairman and co-founder James Caan and Tristan Ramus, the founder and Managing Director have created one of the UK’s most successful recruitment platforms seeking to invest in other recruitment companies at all stages of development.