Additionally, Cisco predict that video will account for 72% of all mobile data traffic by 2019, indicating that video on the ‘second screen’ is becoming increasingly key to reaching target audiences.

Christmas marketing in the UK is akin to Superbowl Sunday in the US, with brands pulling out all the stops to produce crackers that promise to get people talking. The most successful ads tend to focus on themes of family, charity and making loved ones feel special, warming the nation’s hearts, touching even the most Scrooge-like characters in society.

The festive period is an emotional time and video marketing is the perfect tool for leveraging these emotions, inspiring action by making people laugh, cry and reflect on the important things in life. Below are three videos from 2015 that achieved this particularly well.

KFC’s Friendship Bucket Test

KFC put friendship and family at the heart of their Christmas messaging, inviting real people to participate in their ‘Friendship Bucket Test’. It starts out fun with plenty of merriment, before pulling on the heartstrings as friends and family take turns to guess each other’s thoughts and feelings - somewhat mimicking the festive parlour games that are commonplace in homes up and down the land, and reinforcing a sense of cheerful togetherness.

Note that the product rarely features, as the branding works on a deeper level to position KFC as a family friendly environment - perfect for a Christmas shopping pit stop.

Currys’ Spare the Act

Starring Hollywood legend Jeff Goldblum, Currys tap into the humour and disappointment that many people sadly experience on Christmas day. Specifically, the moment you unwrap a gift from a loved one and it’s not quite what you were expecting.

Goldblum offers up an acting masterclass while subtly shaming the gift-giver for their ineptitude. It’s the humour, relatability and the fact that it may inspire viewers to rethink their plans that makes this a clever route to go down.

Aldi’s Telescope

Aldi proved that you don't always need months of planning to make an impact, with a swift response to John Lewis' ‘Man on the Moon’ parodying the much-anticipated original.

They chose to give the old man a loving companion, providing a new and altogether happier spin on John Lewis’ somewhat lonely take, with bundles of humour thrown in. This also presented them with a perfect opportunity to shift some cut-price telescopes!

The sun of summer may shining in force, but it’s never too early to start refining your Christmas marketing campaign; it is, after all, the most important time of year for British business.

By Jon Mowat, owner of Hurricane Media