By Daniel Hunter

Recent research has shown that this summer's national sporting events will result in a significant decrease in staff working throughout July and August.

According to OnePoll, 20% of office workers have tickets for the Olympic Games, with a large majority of them taking annual leave to attend the events.

Other research suggests that 17% of employers will be extending flexible working opportunities for their staff during the Olympics.

So with technology playing a crucial role to today's office workers especially over the next months, Waytime Technologies, an IT company based in Leatherhead, Surrey, is advising office based companies to have a contingency plan for IT in place, so that their staff can work effectively whether in the office or working remotely.

"Ensuring that you've made plans to manage your IT over holiday periods is always important, but with this summer's sporting events it's even more crucial, especially with so many staff planning to work remotely," said Liz Turner, Director at Waytime.

"As always, teams in offices and those logging in remotely are dependent on fully functioning computers and networks, both for communication and productivity, so if key IT support people are away for any reason that poses a risk.

"An IT plan that provides critical holiday cover, and states who will be responsible for IT during these times, whether in-house or outsourced, will ensure your business operations are protected and that staff are connected and equipped to meet your customers' needs effectively and seamlessly 24/7."

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