By Neil Lathwood, IT Director At UKFast

Sometimes discussions of the pros and cons of cloud technology can be oversimplified with debates often reverting to dedicated vs cloud or public vs private.

Generalising, private cloud is considered the best option for businesses who want to advance from dedicated hosting to a more flexible but equally secure solution. Users can often dismiss public cloud as a cheaper and less secure solution that should be treated with suspicion.

In fact, combining a private and public cloud or dedicated and cloud hosting can create the ultimate solution for a business that requires maximum flexibility, security and cost efficient hosting.

The hybrid cloud delivers a combination of dedicated hosting and private or public cloud hosting, or even private and public cloud hosting. Mixing more than one solution provides greater flexibility and additional capacity when required. Offering a cost-effective solution, a hybrid cloud ensures that your services can meet periodic high-traffic demands whilst maintaining control, visibility and security.

Hybrid clouds are well suited for businesses with seasonal peaks or marketing-driven spikes in traffic. In short, a hybrid cloud combines the ultimate security of a dedicated hosting solution with the elasticity of cloud computing.

A hybrid cloud can be perfect for a firm wanting to separate sensitive and non-sensitive data – the non-sensitive data can be stored in the less secure public cloud. It can be used to separate business critical and non-critical apps or to separate core activities and testing and development.

Since joining UKFast in 2005, mobile phone recycling firm Eazyfone has moved from a three-server solution to a bespoke private cloud with the capability to burst into a public cloud when the need arises.

Eazyfone’s solution – that incorporates UKFast’s unique web acceleration technology, Webcelerator – has helped the company cope with its move into TV advertising and the resulting peaks in web traffic.

Always planning for further growth, Eazyfone took the innovative step toward hosting on its own private cloud solution in order to allow as much flexibility and scalability as possible.

The private cloud solution from UKFast incorporated virtual machines and load balancers. Eazyfone’s entirely bespoke set-up also gave the company the ability to burst into a public cloud for extra capacity at times of high volume traffic.

The “burstable” element of the solution combined with the use of UKFast’s Webcelerator technology put Eazyfone in the best position possible to cope with the positive results of the firm’s television campaigns and the resultant company growth.

Working closely with Eazyfone’s technical team, UKFast has developed an entirely bespoke and innovative private cloud solution that caters specifically for Eazyfone’s needs for flexibility and growth.

“UKFast has allowed us to move away from a fixed infrastructure to the current solution which is almost entirely dynamic,” says Dave Webster, head of resources for Eazyfone.

“UKFast has created an entirely bespoke private cloud with all the pros of a public cloud and without any of the consequences!”

The new solution feeds into the cloud reserves when necessary and is entirely redundant with no single point of failure to ensure 100% uptime. It has been created to give maximum flexibility with workable lead times while reducing cost in terms of other comparable options.

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