By Daniel Hunter

More than 2,000 people have put in offers on homes under the Help to Buy scheme, totalling £365 million of new mortgage lending.

The applications are backed by a ‘decision in principle’ by RBS and Lloyds, the first 2 participating banks, for 95 per cent mortgages. Ten of the 2,384 applications have already completed.

The figures demonstrate that government-backed Help to Buy scheme is supporting responsible lending. On average households have asked to borrow around £155,000 for houses worth about £163,000, which is below the UK average price of £247,000.

More than three quarters of the applicants are first-time buyers and many in their early thirties, demonstrating that Help to Buy is helping hardworking people realise their home-owning aspirations.

The Prime Minister said: "Four weeks in and it’s clear that Help to Buy is already delivering. In just one month, over 2,000 people have been accepted for a Help to Buy mortgage. Or put another way, 75 families every single day have been put on the path to owning their dream home.

"But the best thing about Help to Buy isn’t the statistics - it’s who is really benefiting. Most Help to Buy applicants are first-time buyers, young and have a roughly average household income. This is all about helping hardworking people get on the first rung of the property ladder - and helping them get on in life.

"Owning a home is about more than 4 walls to sleep at night. It’s about independence, self-reliance, moving on and moving up. Above all, it’s about aspiration. Help to Buy is helping people realise the dream of home ownership - and it’s a key part of my plan for Britain."

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