By Clair West

DMC Software, leading Sage Business Partner, suggests that many organisations do not exploit CRM software to its greatest extent by not fostering a CRM culture to be built upon by their CRM solutions.

CRM is an approach to business which involves capturing and managing detailed customer information in order to understand customer needs and to shape the products and services offered to increase customer satisfaction. However, CRM solutions, such as Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that automate specific elements of CRM are readily available and can offer productivity and efficiency enhancements to customer relationship management.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director at DMC Software, suggests, “What many organisations fail to realise is that CRM Software is a tool to facilitate CRM, in the same way that accounts software facilitates accounting. Purchasing and installing CRM solutions does not mean the benefits of CRM approach will be apparent, it is a tool to do a job. Behind it needs to be a mindset and philosophy in order to reap the rewards.

“The implementation of CRM in an organisation needs to be regarded as a change to organisational culture. It should be a staged approach that involves all employees from the very beginning of the project to ensure they understand the benefits of CRM, overcome resistance and gain support. Without the commitment of everyone within an organisation to CRM success is held back.”

CRM Software enables efficient management of customer relationships and provides the tools to manage sales pipelines, marketing campaigns and customer service issues effectively. CRM software can offer unrivalled benefits which positively impact upon competitive advantage and customer retention.

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