By Daniel Hunter

As Apple releases the latest version of its pioneering iPhone, the iPhone 5, the business world can expect to benefit from its high-speed 4G capability.

This faster internet connection means that businesses will be able to rely more on the mobile phone as a business tool. The combination of the A6 processor with 4G will render the iPhone equally as fast as any broadband internet connection, making it possible to carry out the same tasks whether its user is at home or on the move.

“Its about time the UK progressed into the world of 4G. Our internet connection, be it on mobile or fixed location, has not been as fast as that of other international markets for quite some time now," Dan Wagner, CEO of mPowa, said.

"It will dramatically enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of British companies in this ‘always on — always connected’ business landscape.”

Dan Wagner’s company mPowa is one of the most exciting products to benefit from mobile connectivity. mPowa is a company that has developed an innovative mobile payment device that connects to mobile phones and tablets. It allows the user to make and receive payments on their device easily and simply whilst mobile.

It helps small businesses that are priced out of conventional card machines and benefits larger companies by mobilising their sales teams. This service will become even more advantageous with the introduction of 4G as companies will be able to make transactions on the move at high speeds.

“The iPhone 5 is a prime example of mobile devices evolving at an impressive rate that enables businesses to operate much more flexibly," Dan added.

"Mobile phones are being used increasingly to accept payments, which will open up new avenues for businesses. In addition, mobile phone companies and software developers are creating apps that capitalise on faster connectivity, and tablets are becoming a more common fixture in business environments.

"We’re no longer being tied to our desks and with customers expecting a more responsive service, the tools we now have at our disposal will pave the way for better business.”

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