By Francesca James,Techbubbles

Following yesterday's iPhone 5 launch, we caught up with Jason Jenkins, Editor of consumer tech website CNET UK to ask him about what the launch revealed:

“The good news is that if you've just bought a new iPhone, you don't need to worry, there's nothing knock-out in the iPhone 5, rather a lot of small improvements. The larger 4-inch screen is the headline feature, which is taller than the one on the previous models. That means you can fit more icons on the home screen, see more emails at once and you won't get black bars at the top and bottom of the picture if you watch a TV show.

“The other big feature is 4G, which offers a much faster data connection if your network supports it. Which brings me to the biggest story for the UK: Vodafone and O2 have not had a happy night. One of their biggest rivals, Everything Everywhere, has emerged with an effective exclusive on the 4G version of the iPhone, as it’s the only UK company with a 4G network, giving it a massive lead in the race to attract new customers. Vodafone and O2 must be spitting mad.

“More important than the new hardware is the new software. But Apple's new phone operating system, iOS 6, is more notable for what has been removed rather than what's added. Replacing Google's maps application with Apple's own may add features like better directions and overhead shots of iconic buildings, but it is yet to be seen how reliable the street data itself will be in the UK. That, plus the removal of the built-in YouTube app, means I would urge anyone who already owns an iPhone to hold off when it comes out before upgrading to the new software, at least for a few weeks until more people have had a chance to test it out properly in the real-world.

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