By Claire West

Following the Government's Strategy for Skills announcement, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) welcomes the coalition's commitment to increase the number of apprenticeships which strengthens the role for work-based learning.

As outlined in the 'Skills for Sustainable Growth' and 'Investing in Skills for Sustainable Growth' publications. The Government will increase the numbers of adult apprentices by 75,000 across the next five years, with more than £600 million invested next year in adult apprenticeships.

The CIOB have strongly advocated this increase in apprenticeships. The opportunity to 'earn-while-you-learn' has obvious benefits for employees, but also helps employers develop essential - practical - skills for the industry.

The Government must now work with Professional Bodies to deliver lifelong learning opportunities to all. The construction industry offers unrivalled access and opportunity for all social and economic groups, which has clear benefits for long-term economic growth.

Chris Blythe Chief Executive at the CIOB said, "This is a positive move for the industry which recognises the valuable role adult apprentices play in our industry and the benefits they bring for the economy and society.

"Apprenticeships are vital channels for our industry. Not least because they offer an alternative career route for young minds that don't desire the sometimes heavy financial burden of university education. Or simply those who want to earn and learn at the same time. But they do something else too. They develop those passing on that knowledge as well. Leadership, communication, and man-management skills are all improved by those who take time to teach others."