By Claire West

Prime Minister, David Cameron has spoken to the Daily Telegraph about internships and disagrees with his coalition partner Nick Clegg, saying; “he would continue helping friends by offering their children internships”.

Earlier in the month Deputy Prime Minister, Clegg, had said that; “career opportunities should not be determined by who your father's friends are" — despite it emerging that he had secured a bank internship for himself using his father’s contacts.

In reality most parents are going to do whatever they can to help their children, family and friends — its part of our social fabric and no government is able to legislate for this.
An internship is a way for graduates and students to gain experience of the workplace and should mean that they work for a maximum of four months with the intern moving round the company, experiencing a wide range of differing positions.

There is a fine line between internship and employment and in cases where the intern produces ‘work’ for the benefit of the company he or she should be considered an employee and be paid — for further details take a look at