By Luke Knight, Marketing Manager, WOW Analytics Ltd

The next generation of business to business (B2B) web analytics uses ‘IP Look Up’ Technology that identifies the company name of visitors to your business website, giving you an untold number of new ‘warm’ sales leads for your outbound call centre to contact.

Approximately only 1% of website visitors will make contact, therefore a significant number of missed opportunities, as traditionally these visitors could not be identified, this is no longer the case.

‘IP Look Up’ Technology matches a visitor’s IP address to a comprehensive database of company names and locations; this is an ideal solution for generating B2B outbound calls, as you will be armed with knowledge of the company names of visitors to your website, who you know have an interest in your products or services.

The analytics will also show you detailed information about your visitors journey (how they found your site, keyword search, frequency of visit and much more), with lead scoring based on variables such as pages visited, keywords used, helping gauge the ‘hotness’ of the visitors interest, aiding to lead nurturing and judging when action should be made against this opportunity.

Further detailed information is available about the companies visiting your website if the solution you choose has integration with data sources such as Linkedin or Dun & Bradstreet, where employee job functions, financial and credit scores can be pulled into your web analytics and matched against your visitors, arming your sales team with knowledge to offer a bespoke approach or sales pitch based on the visitors specific requirements and traits.

‘IP Look Up’ B2B analytics can integrate with your CRM system to link live data from your website to your database. Not only will this automatically cross reference a company’s record to see if they have visited your website previously and the pages viewed, but also set automated trigger reports, emails or even an SMS to notify specific employees or groups.

This can include your outbound call team, for example if a visitor views a particular page, use a keyword, or even if an existing customer visited your website, an automated alert can be triggered to prompt a quick courtesy call to be made, or an up-sell based on the knowledge you gained from their website activities.

The beauty of integrating ‘IP Look UP’ web analytics with your CRM system is it will constantly feed ‘Warm’ leads to your sales team, and from a marketing and management point of view, online campaigns can be monitored and measured through the sales pipeline and journey the visitor has made from your website to initial contact and beyond. Savings will also be made on reducing wasted outbound calls to companies that have no need for your products or services, therefore only giving your sales team highly focused, detailed sales leads at their most opportune time.

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