By Mark Schmulen, General Manager of Social Media at Constant Contact

To successfully blend your email marketing and social media efforts, you need to do more than just link to your Facebook Page or Twitter feed from your newsletter. Yes, you want your customers and members to Like your Page and follow you on Twitter, but you also need to inspire them to have conversations with you and fellow customers on Twitter, to share their stories and opinions on your Facebook Page, and to share your content with their own social circle.

Email lights the fire, social media fans it

If you want your email subscribers to engage, you need to use your newsletter content to start a dialog and then ask people to comment and share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter. There, you can continue and grow the conversation. In other words, you light the fire in your email and fan the flames to full intensity with social media.

TeamBuy, a Canadian version of Groupon, provides a real-life example of how to get that fire lit in your newsletter and get it burning on social media. TeamBuy uses strong social media calls to action in its emails to members. Those who sign up for the company's email list get first crack at the deal of the day and are encouraged to share it socially with friends and family. Those who find out about a deal from a friend via social media are then encouraged to sign up for TeamBuy's list so they, too, can get an early look at the next offerings.

Close the acquisition loop

The beauty of social media is that a lot of the conversation and activity happens out in the open. So, as customers and members interact with you on Facebook and Twitter, their friends and followers will see the activity and hopefully will be persuaded to act.

As new people (e.g., prospective customers and members) join the conversation, start following your handle on Twitter, or Like your Facebook Page, it's vitally important to remember to drive the new folks back to your email list. Do this by promoting your email options from time to time, tease upcoming newsletters, and generally make people aware of the content and information that you offer to subscribers. More people joining your list means more people who can engage in future conversations, continuing the acquisition cycle. 

You can have an email list, Facebook Page, and a Twitter handle, but it’s not until you use them all together in a never-ending communications loop that you’ll really be engaging your customers.

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Watch the video below featuring Cedric Chambaz of Microsoft and David White of Weboptimiser advising on how to co-ordinate a social media strategy


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