Let me tell you, anyone who references Game of Thrones in a quickfire interview about marketing is someone I want to go and see. That's exactly what Philip Woodward, creative content manager at Liberty Marketing, did in his interview ahead of his appearance at Integrated Live.

What area of marketing do you specialise in?

I'm Liberty's head of content, so I lead the creative process for our clients and train our talented content team.

How long have you been with the company?

Just gone four years. When I joined as a junior copywriter, I was the 11th member of staff and there are now more than thirty of us. It's been exciting to be part of the growing process.

How long have you been in marketing?

My first marketing job was a little over seven years ago, when I finished my journalism postgrad and started a PR role.

Why do you do what you do?

Well my athletic shortcomings (and a sub-standard left foot) meant that becoming a professional footballer was never on the cards - while the world wasn't ready for the childlike yet emotionally-complex strains of my pop-post-rock group. Writing and dreaming up ideas was always the thing I was least bad at.

Which marketing platform do you use the most (and it can't be your own!)?

The array of Moz tools are pretty all-encompassing. I like Buzz Sumo too.

If you could only use one marketing platform for the rest of your life, what would it be (and you can't use your own!)?

Moz. It’s a lovely catch-all!

What is your favourite thing about marketing?

It’s generally quite a chilled-out industry. I relish working somewhere I can come up with creative solutions to specific problems – it’s a great feeling when you can come up with an idea that no-one’s thought of before. In marketing everyone’s always keen for a beer at the end of the day, which is nice.

Is content still king? (If not, what is?)

If content is king then it’s become the Mad King off Game Of Thrones – bloated and inefficient. It’s only regal when it’s part of a bigger plan with a brand’s goals in mind. But of course it’s pretty important, not least because it keeps me in a job.

In a sentence, what's your presentation about?

I look at the ways to analyse the ‘success’ of digital campaigns, and how to ensure content campaigns give value for money every time.

You can find Philip's presentation on evaluating campaigns in the Content Theatre at 3:40pm at Integrated Live on 16 November, but you'll have to register for your free ticket first:

Eventbrite - Integrated Live

Originally posted on Digital Marketing Magazine