Unless you’ve got a big marketing budget, raising awareness of your brand is likely to be considered one of your toughest challenges. We all know how expensive it is to advertise, exhibit at shows, invest in promotional items and run endless banner ads. This is where content marketing becomes an extremely attractive proposition.

By providing your clients and candidates with credible, industry-related content, you can connect with them before they even embark on their job hunting or recruitment journeys, embedding your brand in their minds very early on. This is not PR about how great your company or services are, it is a regular supply of unbiased news and evergreen careers articles about the industry itself. By empowering them with this knowledge, it positions your brand as a credible source of information – a role previously assumed only by publishers.

The modern-day jobseeker wants a greater level of engagement, more than they’ve ever required before. Speaking for ourselves at, through the OMJ careers blog, we are able to distribute relevant content to a targeted audience, that promotes the advice and opinions of thought-leading recruitment agencies, other industry publications and our own expertise. Forward-thinking recruiters are starting to understand the benefits of content marketing to attract more candidates, win new clients and build reputation. Some of our most successful and talented clients are doing this well and it plays a major part in their talent attraction and brand awareness efforts.

When you broadcast content that appeals to your audience they will share it with others in their network. They are effectively passing on a small testimonial about your brand, product or service. This means that your audience is not only listening and growing but they have become brand evangelists without even realising it. Effective content marketing requires a shift in mentality: think like a publisher that does recruitment, not a recruitment agency. In many ways, a lot of the work you do as a recruiter aligns itself extremely well to a marketing role, especially from a social media perspective.

By Laura Chetcuti, content and community manager at

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Originally posted on Digital Marketing Magazine