By Daniel Hunter

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a deal that will see the UK sell 11 Airbus A330 aircraft to airline Garuda Indonesia.

The deal, worth £326 million, was announced as part of Cameron's trade tour of East and South East Asia.

Mr Cameron said that the deal was 'good news for the UK aerospace industry, and a vote of confidence in Britain's manufacturing base'.

The deal will also help safeguard jobs in Bristol and Broughton as the UK looks to expand its trade ties with Indonesia. At present Indonesia's trade with the UK accounts for just 0.07% of its imports.

"I hope it will offer other British companies involved in the £1.5bn supply chain the opportunity to secure more contracts. The UK has some 10,000 jobs linked to Airbus," Mr Cameron said in an interview with Kompas newspaper.

"I said I wanted to link Britain up to the fastest growing parts of the world, because we need to trade and export our way out of our economic difficulties.

"Well, Indonesia is one of those countries. One of the most populated countries in the world, one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It will be a top 10 economy and these are huge opportunities for British business and British investment, both in Indonesia and Indonesian investment back into Britain.

"I think we need to recognise that so much of the power in the world is going to be to the South and to the East and we need to rebuild those relationships. We've got a good standing here because we're one of the largest investors into Indonesia, but we could be doing far better in terms of our exports and our sales.

"That's why I've packed a plane full of business people to come here to make those links to create those jobs and investment back at home."

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