By Daniel Hunter

The public sector has seen the number of its engineering contractors almost double since 2011, according to professional umbrella employment provider, giant group.

A survey of engineering contractors across the UK by giant found that, in 2011, 21% of respondents were working in the public sector, with this figure increasing to 39% in the study from October 2012 to March 2013.

“As the public sector was forced to make cuts in difficult economic times, it often led to the freezing of permanent positions," Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant commented.

"As a result, contractors have been called in to bridge the gap, leading to this increase in engineering contractors working in the public sector over the last couple of years.”

Unsurprisingly in the current economic climate, it was also found that engineering contractors are choosing job security over higher earnings. A huge 70% of respondents said they would prefer long term contracts rather than higher per hour payment — an increase of 14% from the survey in 2011.

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