By Claire West

The British Chambers of Commerce holds its Annual Conference today at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster.

BCC Director General John Longworth will set out the leading business group’s General Election manifesto – entitled A Business Plan for Britain – and will call on all aspirants to political power to embrace a pro-enterprise, pro-growth agenda in order to generate wealth and prosperity for the United Kingdom.

Speaking at the BCC’s annual conference in Westminster, Mr Longworth will lay down a challenge for political leaders ahead of the election.

“Our inadequate system of business finance stands in the way of a truly great economy. It is the key area we must address if we are to transform our economic ambition into reality.

“Long-term, patient, loan capital is what makes fast-growing small companies into the home-grown, mid-sized champions of the future. Without it, too many are forced to sell out and lose control, eventually and all-too-often to disappear into the clutches of multinationals.

“This is not a new problem. It is a chronic handicap at the very heart of our economy — and one that has been made worse by the great recession we have just experienced. So there is no doubt that fixing the relationship between business finance and the rest of the economy is the key to so many of our aspirations.”