By Marianne Abib-Pech

Greek and European issues are still at the forefront of the economy today. The Spanish government is taking a stake in distressed national lender Bankia, which is fuelling questioning on the future of the country.

Political uncertainty in Europe is definitely becoming an extra element to throw in to an already bleak economic climate- indicating market concerns will still be raising discouraging risk-free investor behaviors.

The regulators strike again in Asia. Hong-Kong Market watchdog is exploring possibilities to prosecute bankers and staff if they produce inaccurate prospectus for companies to be listed on the local stock exchange.

With the increasing numbers of IPOs in the region- with Hong-Kong appearing to be the door to China- the regulators felts necessary to operate at the level of Singapore or US regulators.

Friend or Foe?

In America Obama has decided to publicly support same sex marriage. Is this a risky political play? While demarking himself even more from Republican Mitt Rommey and securing gay community voters, it might aleniate some more traditional voters. Or is it really a personal journey through observation and reflection of the American society? The November elections will tell us.

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