The mistake that many entrepreneurs make when starting up their business is that they undervalue the power of project management.

The future is never certain for a start-up business and the first couple of years for a business without a doubt is often the toughest. With a shortage of money and time, it can be hard for start-ups to establish what their business priorities should be.

So, take note start-ups, running any business requires project management skills. Project management will help your plan develop into successful businesses. First of all, you must choose a project management method which will carry your business, making it more orderly and efficient during the early days of starting a new business.

APMP project management for start-ups

Taking advice from successful businesses is exactly where you should begin with your start up business and research is a must when it comes to project management training. Did you know that 97% of people asked about project management’s importance to productivity, believe that it is a crucial element to business performance and success?

You are probably working all hours of the day preparing your start off business for taking off but remember the results from your project management training will come back with great returns. Online learning is a great way to gain skills you need for business. There are lots of options out there, however, An APMP certification in project management can be done online at home giving your flexibility with your training.

In most cases, it is normal for a start-up business owner to be taking on too much, however, project management training will develop your skills in delegation and management and will be beneficial to you when you start hiring staff.

How can project management methods help start-ups?

You may be thinking is it too early for my business to engage with project management? As a start-up business, you may not have many customers and employees yet, however, to get to this stage - project management is essential.

One of the major advantages of implementing a project management method is that can help your new born business identify clear goals and the actions they must take as a manger to get there. In many cases, it can also assist in determining the needed time and budget for their undertaking.

A project management strategy will help your business maintain the speed of your own business while your monitor the success of your competitors. Other benefits of APMP certification are that:• Increased productivity - Trained project managers have the ability to organise their own time due to their understanding of the necessity to structure and organisation.

• Better client relationships – Having no clear project strategy and no project management training is unprofessional and a bad way to start your business, having to ‘guestimate’ the timescales and delivery dates for projects may lead to customer dissatisfaction

• Increased knowledge of competitors - Start-ups need project management as they grow so quickly and before they know it their objectives evolve. Project management takes account for monitoring the success of your start up business, a stage where your business cannot afford to remain behind your competition.The future of your business with project management

Project Management has three basic components: Time, Money and Scope. Each of these components affect the other one, therefore they must be taken in to consideration when planning the future of your business.

Business planning has been made more efficient by project management software. Once your business is up and running have a think about using project management software involves rigorous that will help mobilize and control your business objectives.

Until then an APMP course will help you manage potential risks and setbacks that can often occur at the early stage of your business. With APMP training, a good project manager can build in contingency plans for these risks, meaning that they will be able to handle the changes and challenges of a start-up business without panicking.

By Melissa Lang, Datrix Training