By Phil Sheridan, UK Managing Director, Robert Half UK

Implementing an effective recruitment strategy and ‘getting it right’ is essential if companies are to drive growth and profitability. The consequences of an ineffective recruitment strategy and ultimately, a bad hire can be extremely costly.

An additional consideration when looking to hire the perfect candidate is that competition for top talent is becoming ever more ferocious as we face a skills shortage and the economy continues to grow. The hiring market is moving so rapidly with top candidates often attracting multiple job offers there is a danger the recruitment process can become rushed. At Robert Half, we suggest the following tips to employers looking to make the perfect hire:

1. Have an accurate job description – A detailed job description is helpful to attract the right candidate for the role as it informs applicants of the skills, attributes and experience level required. It should also provide a clear overview of your expectations.

2. Evaluate effectively – Ensure the right business decision-makers are involved in the hiring process from the very beginning. This ensures candidates are evaluated effectively throughout the process.

3. Ensure you have sign off ahead of time – Companies need to act swiftly when recruiting, as skilled candidates are often receiving multiple offers. Removing any barriers to providing the right candidate with a competitive offer will go a long way to securing the top choice.

4. Notice the little things – The little things like careless spelling mistakes and typos on a CV, written and verbal communication and non-verbal cues during an interview can provide valuable insight on whether the potential candidate would be a good fit with the company.

5. Work with a specialised recruitment consultancy – Recruitment agencies have a deep pool of skilled candidates at their fingertips so taking into consideration the technical skills, experiences and soft-skills required, they can increase your chances of getting the right employee on the first attempt. They can effectively pre-screen candidates to ensure they are the right fit for an organisation.

By following these quick tips, you will be able to swiftly shortlist applicants and implement an effective recruitment process resulting in the perfect hire.