By Claire West

In his New Year message, the Director of CBI Scotland, Mr Iain McMillan, says:

“The Scottish Government is committed to publishing its White Paper on independence by the autumn of 2013.

"As part of their due diligence ahead of the referendum, many business leaders will carry out an assessment of the possible impact of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom on Scotland’s economy and their businesses.

"This gives rise to many questions and, as we go through 2013, a crucial year in this debate, undoubtedly further questions will arise. We hope very much that the White Paper will address these questions in full and provide the necessary supporting evidence.

“We have provided the Scottish Government with our initial paper 'The Scottish Government’s Independence White Paper — issues that business would like it to address' and trust that this will be of assistance to Ministers in addressing the business community’s questions.”

CBI Scotland’s paper contains multiple questions in the following subject areas:

Creating an independent state
The fiscal and economic position of an independent Scotland
Issues relating to foreign affairs
Currency and financial oversight
The European Union and foreign affairs
Pensions and social security
Economics, taxation and non-domestic rates
Labour market, employment policy and health and safety
Competition policy
Corporate governance and takeovers
Broadcasting and telecommunications
Aviation and rail
Intellectual property rights and copyright
Data protection
Research and innovation
Export finance, trade and business support