By Claire West

To date businesses have said that restrictions to immigration will hinder growth. Neal Gandhi, CEO of doesn’t agree with the cap but believes the question now is how companies can operate within the constraints.

Neal says, “the whole immigration issue is a numbers game for the Government. The situation where premier league footballers are welcome, but Nobel scientists are not, definitely needs to be re-examined.

Recently John Cridland, deputy Director-General of the CBI commented that companies were experiencing great difficulties in recruiting specialist staff from overseas which was damaging British industry.

“The question now is how can companies operate within the immigration legislation? I think organisations need to have a radical rethink about how they work.

It is no longer necessary to be sitting in the same office as a colleague to work effectively; or even to be located in the same country. To achieve the best results organisations need to attract and employ the best talent — where ever it may be.

“The availability of collaborative tools today means you don’t need a huge infrastructure to be able to communicate globally in real time. All of our clients are working with teams which may be thousands of miles away — but they are still achieving great results.

“We are where we are politically. The Government needs to be seen to be taking action on immigration, even though they are unable to affect the numbers of low- paid workers coming in from the EU. It’s time for companies to think globally and work with the best people; wherever they may be.”