By Daniel Hunter

Ideas Britain, the mobile platform which connects everyday entrepreneurs with expert business coaches, has teamed up with Manchester City Football Club for Innovation in Sport, a new competition that invites grassroots innovators to submit their ideas for technology in the world of sport.

The nationwide competition launches in October, but as of today (Monday) submissions are open — and the first 100 entries will be screened and assessed by elite Ideas Britain business coaches so early entrants can take advantage of expert advice before the competition kicks-off.

The key aim of the nationwide competition, which is also supported by Manchester City Council, is to uncover creative ideas that have the potential to forge real innovation in the world of sport.

Entry is open for all young people — sports fans or not — across the UK who have an idea, no matter how ambitious or extraordinary the concept might be.

The competition welcomes ideas across the board, be they technical solutions such as harnessing the power of big data to drive performance, practical ideas to modify sports kits, or big picture projects using sport for good.

Not only will the best ideas come to life, but winners will also be rewarded with one-on-one mentoring sessions with elite Ideas Britain coaches and the Manchester City football staff best suited to advancing that idea.

The competition launches in October, 2015 and runs until December 15th, 2015. Winners will be announced on 15th January, 2016.

Early-bird entrants can submit their ideas at now.

Adam Shaw, Founder and CEO of Ideas Britain, said: “Ideas Britain is hugely proud to be able to work with a partner like Manchester City, helping to extend such a rare opportunity to young entrepreneurs throughout the UK.

“Sport can be so unifying, and we want to tap into the insight and enthusiasm of young people everywhere — and make their best ideas for progress a reality.”

Andrew Gilligan, Head of Research and Insights at MCFC, said: “At Manchester City we are constantly looking for ways to introduce new and innovative ideas across all aspects of the club.

“Ideas Britain recognises the importance of opening the door to everyone to ensure that the best ideas get the attention they deserve, and we share their passion for providing young people in our local community with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to not only have their ideas heard, but also put into action.”

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, said: "Manchester prides itself as a city of entrepreneurialism and innovation with a thriving digital sector. We welcome and support this initiative which seeks to capture and harness creative ideas via a smartphone app and turn them into a reality as being in tune with the spirit of our city."