Many business people would fancy themselves in any challenge. But what about being on the run with ex police and intelligence experts hot on their tale? Channel 4 is calling for members of the business community to apply to take part in the second series of its hit TV show Hunted.

The first series, which aired in 2015, saw couples attempt to evade some of the UK's best surveillance experts, armed with the latest technology and equipment, for 28 days. The fugitives are given just a little bit of cash before they are set on their way - the only stipulation is that they cannot leave the British mainland.

Only the most tech savvy, and risky, participants managed to have any contact with their loved ones during the process. And many of those who tried, were caught soon after.

For the second series, which will air later this year, the 'fugitives' who manage to evade the 'hunters' for the full 28 days will split a £100,000 prize between them.

For whatever reason, they want high-flying business people to take part this year. So, if you think what it takes to go on the run from some of the best surveillance minds in the country, head over to to apply by 24 January.