By Daniel Hunter

The Hungary government has suspended plans to tax internet use in the country.

Mass protests followed after the plans were first announced by the government. Demonstrators visited the current government party's headquarters and some were spotted throwing computer components.

The idea was widely criticised, particularly by the EU. Protestors were angry about the financial cost of the tax, and the restrictions on free expression and access to information.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said "people have questioned the rationality" of the policy.

"This tax in its current form cannot be introduced," he added.

Internet users would have been charged the equivalent of 40p per gigabyte of data transferred.

But that doesn't mean it is dead in the water. Mr Orban said the government would go ahead with consultations on internet taxes next year.

The Hungarian government had previously said that a special tax would be needed to rebalance the country's economy.

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