Road, travel, forest

It was the notorious ad man Leo Burnett who once said “what helps people helps business.” And that’s exactly what Clear Channel’s new customer journey tool, Trace, sets out to do - help businesses understand exactly what their customers need - and in doing so help UK businesses to prosper.

Drawing on data from over 10,000+ consumer journeys, Trace is able to paint a clear picture of how shoppers move through the purchase cycle of over 25 different category verticals including insurance, travel, alcohol, credit cards and skincare.

Offering valuable insights into:

• What initially triggered the purchase• Who it was for• What research was done and through what means• Where the product was eventually purchased• What factors influenced the final decision

With the customer journey firmly identified, the tool is then able to highlight common needs experienced by these consumers at various trigger points. At the initial stages, for example, it’s common for the consumer to recognise a need for ‘inspiration’ or ‘awareness’, something that triggers a desire or draws their attention to what’s on offer. Whereas, in the later stages, the focus may shift to a need for information - to help locate a product, or perhaps more specific details on price and promotion.

With journey and needs both accurately mapped, Trace will then propose the primary advertising platforms that are best placed to meet those needs, all through the eye of the most important person - the customer. Why? To ensure the advertiser knows exactly what their consumers believe to be the best media for their customer journey – and the key trigger points along it.

Offering an approach built from the customer upwards, rather than from the traditional business objective back down, Clear Channel is turning the tables on traditional research-based media planning with this innovative new approach.

For more information on Trace or any other Clear Channel insights please Lindsay Rapacchi, head of insight, Clear Channel Outdoor