By Alexia Leachman, Personal Branding Coach at Blossoming Brands

When our personal brand is serving us, you could say that we’ve found our mojo; we’re in flow, things are going our way, we love what we’re doing, we’re good at it, and we’re successful in whatever terms success means to us. It’s a great place to be. But it eludes many. Here are some tell tale signs that your personal brand has been left to falter and could do with a bit of TLC:

You’re doing work that you no longer enjoy

Maybe you’re bored with it, or you’ve lost the passion for it, or maybe you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve and you feel like you need a new challenge.

We spend the majority of our waking hours working, so doing something that we love is essential for lasting happiness and fulfilment.

You never receive referrals

Or random phone calls or emails out of the blue from people who

- want to work with you

- find out more about what you do

- introduce you to someone

- invite you to do a talk

- would like a comment/article from you on the latest news in your industry

When people feel positively about you and your work, they will not hesitate to recommend you or get in touch. But for this to happen a few things need to happen;

- You need to engage positively with others

- You need to be able to articulate very clearly what you do, what makes you different and who you do it for.

Sometimes referred to as the elevator pitch, your personal proposition needs to be easily understood so that others can refer you.

- You need to be easily found and contactable.

It’s always about price

When you’re pitching for work, the conversation always stays on the price issue, or you’re being pitched directly against someone else. If you’ve examined your marketplace or environment you will have identified the sweet spot that you can carve out that makes you unique. This makes it very difficult to compare you to anyone else, let alone compare prices. Think of Apple. You might be tempted to compare the price of a Macbook to a Dell laptop, but everyone knows how pointless that is as they deliver very different experiences. It’s not about the price; it’s about what you’re getting for the price, the value. Communicate your value well enough, the price issue dissolves and immediately you obliterate your competitors.

You’re not taking it seriously

Yes! Maybe you think you’re mindful of your personal brand but actually you’re just goofing about with it. Find out if this is you by reading the next article: Tell tale signs you’re not taking your personal brand seriously- Online.

Alexia Leachman is a Personal Brand Coach and Head Trash Liberator at Blossoming Brands. She helps entrepreneurs find their mojo by helping them to tell their story, raise their profile, build their digital presence and manage their reputation. You can find out more at www.blossomingbrands.com and www.headtrash.co.uk And you can follow her on Twitter as @AlexiaL and @BBrands

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