By Blair Singer, Author

Sales equals income and profit. It’s really that simple. For every business in every country. Thousands of books are written on ‘how to sell’ yet the art of selling is all about believing in and selling yourself. It’s really that simple, part two.

If you can sell one product or service, you can sell (in principle) any product or service. The block (and normally there is one) is you. You and that ‘Little Voice’ in your head. That’s right, the one that just asked ‘What Little Voice?’. Public Enemy Number One to your income and personal growth is your ‘Little Voice’. Here is a summary of how the two-part process works…

Number One - The biggest roadblock to success in sales is your ‘Little Voice’s’ concern about what other people might ‘think’ (or not) of you. Either way, it is the same psychological issue, based on fear of acceptance or not being liked. This can affect every waking moment both at home and work.

The good news is you can master this one. Here are some top tips:-

1. Practice and role play ‘objection handling’ for at least 15-30 minutes a week with a friend, partner or your entire team. It will de-sensitise your ‘Little Voice, reduce the anticipation and fear and will boost energy and confidence quickly. In real terms, this routine can increase sales activity by over 200% in a matter of weeks.

2. Role-play with yourself out loud just before making a call. It will bring your energy up and keep your confidence high.

3. Get trained in the proper techniques of presenting and handling objections BEFORE and in BETWEEN the times you go live. As you experience more, you will be open to learning more. But learning something the wrong way will not get you where you want to go.

4. Review and debrief every call and interaction. Ask yourself five critical questions: a) What worked? b) What did not work? c) Why? d) What did you learn? e) How will you correct this next time or use what you learned to improve the next time?

This debrief process is probably the most valuable part of the process. By doing it, you are disciplining yourself to assess, correct and move on, thus taking the edge off of making mistakes. You will actually begin to look forward to debriefing so you can make quick corrections and get out there and try again which is a much different attitude than worrying, procrastinating and avoiding.

5. Get coached by someone who knows what they are doing and who can watch you, correct you and acknowledge what you are doing well. This will take the burden off your ‘Little Voice’ that thinks it has to know all the answers and figure it out on your own.

Number Two - The second sneaky trick that the ‘Little Voice’ plays on you that stifles your income has to do with how you see yourself. Your SELF-CONCEPT. A great teacher of mine, Mack Newton, says “Your results can never exceed your self-concept”.

No matter how responsible, diligent or hard working you are, if your self-concept or how your ‘Little Voice’ perceives you is low…your results will never exceed it.

So how do you manage that ‘Little Voice’?

1. First of all, create a portfolio of traits and characteristics that you admire in others as your ‘ideal’ self-image. Perhaps the salesmanship of the best salesperson you know…the leadership traits, entrepreneurial or compassionate traits of those you would strive to be like. That will give you the image.

2. Do affirmations like, “I’m an awesome business person/salesperson and I know I can do this”. And just repeat and repeat this every time doubt seeps in. Your ‘Little Voice’ is simply a result of your prior programming and you can re-programme it quickly. Sales can be increased, almost immediately, by between 50 to 85 per cent when adopting this approach.

3. Do not demean yourself. When your ‘Little Voice’ wants to quit, demean you, or tell you deprecating things about yourself, simply say out loud…”STOP!”. This will interrupt your negative thinking pattern and give you a moment to re-group and re-choose your thoughts.

The bottom line is that there is a much bigger person inside of you than you give yourself credit for. You are able to accomplish way more than you think. After almost 30 years of personal and business development coaching of hundreds of thousands of people, Blair Singer knows this to be true.

And right now your ‘Little Voice’ is already trying to get you to roll your eyes at these very words. Just tell it to stop. When you learn to master ‘it’ (and not let it master you) the big, bold, powerful, rich you will emerge. It is how you came into this world. It is your destiny. Now be awesome!

Blair Singer is the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author of “Little Voice” Mastery, SalesDogs, Team Code of Honor and Rich Dad Advisor. Blair has just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with 15 international entrepreneurs, hosting the world’s first leadership event 19,341 feet up, raising essential funds for orphans in Africa with K2 Adventures.