Meeting (4)

Working from home can be a time your staff begin to flag – distractions are everywhere, and it is often difficult for workers to make the switch between working in a professional environment, and working from home. There are, however, a number of ways to make sure your staff remain as motivated, professional and productive as possible, regardless of their location.


Being able to communicate with those you employ is a key way to keep them feeling connected to the business and those they work with. Whether it’s a weekly brief of responsibilities, or simply checking in with how they’re coping – it will be both appreciated and noted that you are still involved with their day-to-day work practices.

Reward structures

Incentives are a great way to keep motivation high without being around to manage your team as much as is necessary. Each member of staff you work with has something that motivates them, whether that is recognition, accolades or simply financial rewards.

By implementing something as simple as an ‘employee of the month’ system with a gift card to a restaurant of their choice as a reward, you bring back the competitive, cohesive element that is often lost with home-workers.


Having your staff keep schedules of the work they need to complete is an excellent way of ensuring priorities don’t get lost along the way. One of the largest difficulties you will find with your employees working from home is a simple one – things start falling through the gaps. Increased organisation is the natural response here, as reduced productivity is often a downward motivational spiral.


A key aspect of success when working from home is to have employees who feel valued – by taking the time to hold a meeting and discuss progress, you not only show you care about their work, but about their wellbeing. While this could be done in an email, having personal contact with your manager is a motivational tool in itself.

Motivating staff without the benefit of regular in-person interactions is a sure test of any manager’s talents, but diversifying your own skillset, you can also maintain the productivity of your workforce. By following these basic tips, you will stand the best chance possible of keeping your staff motivated when working from home.