By Francesca James

Mobile marketing is effectively and quite simply the ability of marketing to people through their mobile devices and delivering your message directly to a potential customers pocket, palm or handbag.

The phrase ‘mobile marketing’ has become one of the key buzzwords of 2011, perhaps because of the mounting capabilities that the hand helds posses. Nowadays it's rare to pick up a phone that can't display rich content and lacks on line capabilities.

Your customers are on the move, and the chance to get your message in their hands is an exciting
new marketing opportunity.

There are a number of mobile operating system platforms that
enable the creation of unique applications or ‘apps', including the Apple iPhone and Google

More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple store alone, and the potential for awareness-raising and revenue generation using this channel is huge.

Working Word, a leading independent communications business based in Cardiff have come up with a clear and concise introduction that will show you how to kick start your Smartphone Marketing campaign.

1. Optimise: Web traffic from mobiles is growing eight times faster than that from UK PCs. If you
want your website to be accessed on the move, optimise it for mobile phones. That means not only making it usable, but aesthetically pleasing.

2. App-eal: Why not develop an app to appeal to your customers? Think about what fits with your
brand values and what would be of genuine use or novelty value. You can even develop a game to remind clients of your business. The more your clients think about your business, the more likely it is that they will be back soon.

3. Coupons: If you want to engage with smartphone users, research has shown that sending them
coupons rather than an SMS ad is the best way to do so. The trick is to send out a coupon which will have to be used in person. By making each coupon unique, you make sure that it can only be used once. Customers will look forward to the next coupon, so it’s a great loyalty building tool.

4. Crack the code: QR codes, or "quick response" codes, are images that link to websites, videos or other information when scanned with smartphones. They have exploded in popularity, appearing in print & TV advertisements and on products. QR codes can give information about price, a product's carbon footprint, customer reviews, how to order something or where to find it. The trick is figuring out how to use the technology in a meaningful way and not blindly jumping on the bandwagon.

5. Put Flash in the pan: Avoid using Flash on your website. It won’t run on many smartphones and
there are security risks associated with the Android platform. If in doubt ask your IT department or
web developers.

5 ½ . Want more?: Take advantage of an informal, hassle-free, no cost consultation or meeting with Working Word. We can provide more answers to the issues here to help your organization improve how it spreads its Word to those who matter most to you.

As a marketing tool, smartphone marketing is still in it's infancy but advertisers and businesses are already shifting their marketing spend online, and many have already started incorporating Smartphone marketing into their budgets for 2011 so hopefully this article will provide you with a good 'how to' foundation.

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