By Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

In the same way that Coca-Cola protects their secret recipe, Google protects the details of their algorithm (the formula they use to ‘rank’ websites).

However in Google’s case, although they protect the absolute detail of the algorithm, the search engine giant has published a raft of information aimed at helping businesses create ‘Google-friendly sites’.

Google’s stated mission is to; “Organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful” so it is in their interest that websites adhere to offer tips and advice.

Much of this advice can be found at www.google.com/webmasters/tools and in this article we are specifically going to look at how to create Google-friendly sites.

There are three main areas to address and they are all very logical.

First of all the site has to offer visitors quality content, in turn that content will attract more visitors and some of them will link their sites to that content. When writing for the Internet it is important that you always remember that ultimately you are writing for a human being and there is little point in making the news story or article tedious or even nonsensical by ‘stuffing’ it with keywords in the hope that search engines will pick it up.

There is however a real need to think about the words users would type to find your pages and weave those words into all copy.

The second aspect of a Google-friendly site is to make sure that other, relevant, sites link to yours. Getting other websites to link to yours is a critical component of improving your search rankings, with each site that links to you acting as a ‘vote’ for your content.
In addition to being a vote, links also give Google important clues about the content contained on your site via the words contained in the anchor text of the link or the alt text of the graphic linking to you. For more information on this go to www.linkdex.com

The third priority in creating Google-friendly sites is to make the site easily accessible to Google and the Googlebot (Google's web crawling bot or spider) by ensuring that the site has a logical link structure and that you don’t overkill on Flash or JavaScript which may make it difficult for spiders to crawl the site.

And there you have it — the basic framework you need to put in place to create a Google-friendly site. And if you sit back and think about it — it is all very logical; Build a site with interesting content, make sure relevant sites link to your website and ensure that the structure of the site is accessible to Google.

While all of this might sound very simple - quite frankly, like most things in life, if it’s not what you do for your day job you perhaps need to set aside some time to learn the next steps.

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