By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator Of PrPro And Owner Of Energy PR

A large number of companies today send out e-newsletters as part of their communications mix. While a great many get deleted (my trash box is testimony to that!) some are welcomed. Even if they are not read ‘cover to cover’ so to speak they are a good, low cost tool for keeping a brand front of mind.

However, they only perform at their best if you follow some basic rules which I thought I’d share:

- It’s the same old issue – apply a huge ‘so what’ test to your content.

- Fit the content, tone, look and feel with the audience.

- Look at the newsletters you receive – print them off, analyse what you like/dislike.

- Mix up your news with a far heavier dose of interesting information that’s not about you but is useful for the reader.

- Write in short sentences.

- Have links to useful downloads.

- Encourage debate, interaction and discussion.

- Add value to the reader. Provide hints, tips, at a glance pull out boxes.

- If your customers are consumers include lots of light information, really let your personality shine through, keep it fun and eye-catching.

- Frequency is key – every month/six weeks is good.

- If it’s emailed you must allow people the option to unsubscribe, and honour it!

- Monitor who is opening it and clicking through – which downloads get the best reaction?

- Speak to contacts or customers – do they like the newsletter, what would they change?

- Don’t expect miracles overnight, the constant drip, drip of contact works.

- Gradually introduce fresh elements – so that people know it’s from you but it doesn’t become stale.

Consider print rather than just email versions. I know it’s more expensive and sounds a bit old school but people receive so little post these days, a printed newsletter may make you stand out!

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