By Chris Rowett (aka 'Twiggy'), Head of PPC, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

The eagerly awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film is due to be released tomorrow (Friday 19th November 2010), and it will come as no surprise that millions of people across the globe will be apparating into cinemas upon its release.

However, in the run up to its release, there will be plenty of opportunities to become engaged in the magic. From trailers and interviews, to merchandising and the premiere, young wannabe wizards will be able to let their imaginations run wild and get so excited about the film you’d think they saw a Boggart.

There is a fantastic opportunity for marketers to engage with this buzz and increase their holdings at Gringotts. A website offering plenty of great content around Harry Potter would be very popular and things like interviews, games and discussions would get a lot of attention.

With a high level of interest in your website, you could then begin turning Knuts into Sickles and Galleons. How about selling merchandise and costumes, affiliating with cinemas, advertising space, online games and more?

Advertising short term on a film like Harry Potter requires a creative and fast paced campaign. PPC is ideal for promoting a website, and there will be a huge surge in traffic in the run up to the film.

You can see in this chart, first “harry potter trailer” becomes a popular search term, then “Daniel Radcliffe” and “harry potter film” follows. Guess what is about to happen this November??!!

The versatility of PPC means you can target trending keywords and add and remove keywords as they become relevant — think about terms like “Harry Potter premiere” and “Daniel Radcliffe interview” too.

Remarketing could be used to target previous website visitors with updates on cinema times and latest interviews. This encourages return visits and promotes the website as a place to go for all things Non-Muggle. Banner and display advertising would also suit this type of advertising very well as visuals are hugely important to the target audience.

Youtube advertising is an excellent opportunity to profit from the thousands of wizardly clips being watched, and you can have straight text ads, or go further and offer unique content promoting the website as a video ad. Why not promote lessons on how to cast spells — lesson #1: Expelliarmus. Visit the website for full wizard training!

There are also massive opportunities on Social Websites such as Facebook and Twitter, where groups and conversations will be rife. You will have great success in promoting the website by targeting Harry Potter fan groups and their audience, as well as sending out regular tweets (from Hedwig himself!) promoting the URL.

Initium est dimidium facti.

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