By Jason Downes, Managing Director of conference call provider, Powwownow

Technology is no longer merely something of the future or something that is only for those who work in the industry. For technology is now all around us and is benefiting millions of individuals and businesses on a daily basis in a multitude of different arenas.

I, myself, do not come from a technology background but I am fully aware of the power it possesses and the impact that it can have on UK businesses. I am a firm believer that you don’t have to be a ’techy’ to succeed in the tech sector.

It is extremely important that business leaders and decision makers are open to the concept of technology and how it can have a positive impact on a company. I think there can be a tendency for people to fear and therefore avoid technology without exploring just exactly what it can offer. It can however give businesses the ability to accelerate and scale up and also enables businesses to quickly adapt to its changing needs. A greater flexibility is created and this helps companies avoid becoming stagnant as they are constantly looking at how they can develop and increase productivity and performance.

In the conference call industry, flexible working is naturally a big area of interest to us. Although legislation to help this movement was changed last year and the technology needed for effective working is readily available, the idea has not yet been fully embraced by the UK. It does arguably come down to a British business culture but I also feel that the technology is not being immersed within companies in order for it to become a key part of their everyday routine.

The cloud is another area that should be encompassed as it allows access to a company’s drive from anywhere and at any time, thus removing the constraints and shackles of the office. VoIP is another piece of technology which can significantly help a business thrive. It gives a competitive advantage by helping provide cost savings, reliability and much-needed flexibility for those implementing a remote working culture. For the modern professional, being connected wherever they go is more crucial than it ever has been. Technology, such as iMeet, can bring all communication together no matter where you are, be it working from home, in a coffee shop or on the other side of the world; collaboration software allows you to stay connected and save costs.

The role of technology within data capture is also one I believe to be important. Attempting to run a business without capturing data is doing so with one eye shut; you have to be made aware of who your customers are and why they use your product or service. With this in mind, technology can innovate how you sell to customers, be it via CRM technology, social media platforms or website optimisation technology. This can also allow you to manage and analyse data which can unlock valuable insight in to the business and help you target key areas for growth.

Britain should be famous for its small businesses. Government encouragement can help businesses move up the ladder to become global corporations but technology is the catalyst which allows these small businesses to go global and also to be seen as a bigger player than they actually are. The technology is available to make this a reality and it is therefore just a case of business leaders and decision makers being brave enough to embrace certain aspects of what is out there. I truly believe they will find they come to be rewarded.