The state of our business reflects the state of our mind. When we feel positive and our head and heart are aligned, we attract positive results. Every time we pursue negative thoughts, they get reflected back, usually in the form of problems.

I believe that by understanding and applying Spiritual principles in our business we attract abundance.

1. Follow your intuition

Intuition enables us to see behind statistics and forecasts, make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information and take original decisions that bring about win-win solutions.

Intuition is clearest when we are quiet and centred within ourselves, but it can also come to us during moments of extreme stress. It can be scary, it can stretch us and takes us beyond our comfort zones. It is complementary to logic and is not a replacement.

2. Practice meditation

There are many forms of meditation. My own preference is to sit quietly for twenty minutes as soon as I am out of bed and dressed. I observe my breathing and let my thoughts go.

My daily practice of meditation makes a significant difference to my ability to live in the now. It lessens the degree to which I get distracted by fear-based thoughts, and it roots me more solidly in my Higher Self.

Compared to starting the day by reading emails and allowing other people's requests to become a priority, meditation puts me in charge. I can see where I need to focus, and I avoid getting involved in secondary issues that can be dealt with more effectively later in the day or by someone else.

3. Work exclusively with clients you like

Abundance comes to those who excel, and you can only excel if you enjoy working with your clients. If you do not genuinely like them, your disinterest will eventually show up, and you will be at risk of losing them.

Adding value requires a willingness to go the extra mile, and it’s difficult to do that in a sustained way with people or organisations for whom we do not have genuine affection. When we genuinely like someone, we find ourselves quite naturally wanting to help them, and our creative energies flow.

4. Never buy in to external causes

When faced with a problem, such as a downturn in sales, we might be tempted to find fault with external factors such as the economy, a seasonal glitch, clients putting projects on hold or going bankrupt. Such responses are debilitating because we can do nothing about them. Worse still, if we buy in to such thinking, we justify inactivity.

We all have limiting beliefs somewhere within us, and understanding how these beliefs contribute to such problems takes considerable awareness. We need to take a long, hard look at what we have or have not been doing. Start by asking: “Is there any way I am contributing to this problem?”

Working harder and doing more of the same is never the answer to a business situation where we are getting nowhere. There are no challenges that do not potentially bring new wisdom and growth. Ask yourself “With regard to … what do I need to learn from this situation?”

It is by asking ourselves honestly and sincerely just what it is we need to learn, that we shift the way we see things and move forward.

By paying attention to your own Spirituality and making this part of your ‘business’ self – not just your ‘personal’ self – you will help your business to develop and grow beyond what you thought was originally possible.

By John Reynard, author of ‘The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success - From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO’