By Marcus Leach, Head of Editorial at Fresh Business Thinking

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool this week saw one of the world's most famous entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson, share some of his considerable business knowledge.

From the moment he decided to leave school and go into business for himself, Sir Richard has been not only a huge success, but a major inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders alike the world over.

When asked what it was that helped him become successful in the early stages, the answer was a lot more simple than I might have first thought.

"The art of delegation early in life, and the ability to find others who are better at doing things than you," explained Sir Richard.

"That gave me the time to step aside and focus on the entrepreneurial aspect of what I wanted to do. If you have somebody to do the nitty gritty you can focus on the bigger picture."

Sir Richard has always been a people person, and it is that ability to judge and relate to people that ensured he had the right people in his businesses from the start, making it easier for him to think outside of the box, without the worries of the day-to-day running of his businesses.

"Give people freedom, let them make mistakes," Sir Richard said of how he gets the best out of his staff. "Lots of delegation and leave people to get on. Some things they will do differently to you, and better, and some not as good. It can be hard to let go and trust in others, but if you have the right people it becomes a lot easier to step back."

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