By Daniel Hunter

A study by Cardiff University has revealed that Swansea City's first season in the Premier League has generated £58m for the Welsh economy.

According to the research an estimated 400 jobs, 340 of which were in Swansea, were created or protected by top flight football in the city.

Having become the first ever Welsh side to make it into the top flight of English football many expected the Swans to go straight back down. However, they shocked many pundits by beating the eventual Premier League champions Manchester City and Arsenal, and drawing with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

One of the report authors, Prof Max Munday of Cardiff Business School, said he was surprised by the impact on the local economy from those attending games.

"The club employs 125 people and we estimate that the visitor spending and the club non-wage and wage spending support a further 295 full-time jobs," he told BBC News.

"So we estimate that the total regional impact is about 420 jobs with much of that in the Swansea area."

He said the rewards would be even greater if Swansea could establish themselves in the Premier League and even qualify for European competition.

"There's a strong expectation that the economic impacts will increase going forward particularly because one might expect in the future that the ground could expand and as they do better we would hope there would be success in more competitions," he said.

"We've got the FA Cup this weekend and the club is ninth in the Premier League which is a very strong performance.

"As they go on we would expect the increase in visitor spending to continue.

"Hopefully they're not a million miles away from a European spot. If you get into that sort of football, the proportion of visitor spending goes up markedly."

The Cardiff University study revealed that:

- The total economic value to Wales of Swansea's first season in the Premier League is estimated at £58.6m;
- £50.6m of the economic benefit was generated by Swansea City, safeguarding or creating an estimated 125 jobs;
- The economic impact on the city of Swansea was an estimated £55.3m;
- The non-football club activity generated around £7.9m, creating or safeguarding an estimated 295 jobs, most of them in Swansea.

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